Each Velocity Orthopedics instrument is precisely crafted with an unyielding focus on quality and surgical performance. Manufactured in the U.S., these instruments are designed with years of experience to enable precise surgical access and guaranteed quality.

Arthroscopic Manual Instruments

A premium line of hand instrumentation for arthroscopic and general surgery.

Precision at its best.

  • Full line of 3.4mm and 2.75mm forceps to address shoulders, knees and small joints with the most advanced technology.
  • Proprietary alloy in the actuating mechanism transfers precise tactile feedback for optimal control.
  • The most ergonomic and comfortable handle on the market for control and reduced fatigue.
  • Hardened stainless steel cutting tips with precision tolerances reduce the need for sharpening.
  • Bead-blasted matte finish on handle provides secure grip.
  • Designed for a true cut. No tearing.
  • Low profile tips provide optimal access to the posterior aspects of the joint.
  • Polymer bearings, in conjunction with precision cutting tips, reduce friction and provide a smooth, clean cut – first time, every time.
  • Custom bends available to meet surgical requirements.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty on material and workmanship.

From metal selection to actuator design to ergonomic styling…
Engineered and crafted with details that make a difference.