CleanPass™ Suture Passer

Versatile, Robust, Cost-Effective

Ideal for arthroscopic labral and rotator cuff repairs, the CleanPass™ Suture Passer integrates best-in-class features into an elegant, low profile device.

  • Secure-Lok™ suture needle connection
    • Robust and Reliable: The Secure-Lok™ feature provides a more secure grip on the tip for a reliable and robust connection even in the most demanding applications
  • Reusable handle and semi-reusable suture hooks
    • Consistent performance at a fraction of the disposable cost
  • Two convenient suture loading ports for ergonomic flexibility
  • Monofilament suture shuttle available
  • Bevel ground, sharp, 1.6mm needles
  • Atraumatic suture passage steadied by a robust hub
  • Fits easily through an 8mm cannula
  • Roller wheel replacement kit available for easy field replacement