President: Bill Coy

Bill Coy has 20 years of leadership experience in the medical device field. Bill’s hands-on style and expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices, have provided the foundation for the innovative and cohesive team at Velocity Orthopedics. Bill is an entrepreneur who believes that premium healthcare can be delivered at a reasonable cost. Through innovation in design and manufacturing techniques, Bill, and the team at Velocity, are committed to providing premium quality, yet affordable, healthcare solutions for their customers.

“My personal drive is to create an organization that delivers quality products to the users and improves the quality of life for the patients. We do this by hiring talented people that have a fire inside to do better. We then establish an environment where creativity is nurtured and rewarded. Mixed in with some hard work, the results are innovation and value for the surgeon and an improved quality of life for the patient”.

Chief Financial Officer (consulting): Don Johnson

Donald Johnson has more than twenty-five years experience as CFO for public and private corporations, both in government and industry, with SEC, GAAP, DAR, and FAR reporting responsibilities. His experience includes manufacturing, distribution, and service. Don has spent the last two years instructing emerging growth companies in management, budgeting and strategic planning.

Don spent the first 27 years of his career working his way up in the corporate environment, from Cost Accounting to CFO. He left the corporate setting for the faster pace environment of the entrepreneurial world – Start-Ups. In this environment, Don has excelled as a creative problem solver. He understands business dynamics, fiscal responsibility and most importantly, a team oriented management style. Don has been a coach, mentor and inspiration in the formation of Velocity Orthopedics.