Disposable Arthroscopic Blades
& Burs

For use with Smith and Nephew Dyonics®, ConMed Linvatec® and Stryker® Shaver Systems

A NEW blade for use with your current shaver system.

  • Optimal performance with a value strategy.
  • No new capital equipment. Just connect and resect.
  • New precision blades, sharp every time, clean every time. No proteins, no damage, no doubts.
  • Sizes and styles for the most common knee and shoulder procedures.
  • No change to inventory practices. Six blades per box.
  • Meet cost containment pressures with a product strategy designed to make high-quality affordable.

All blades and burs feature high performance, proprietary plating for reduced friction, strength and precision sharpness.

Full Radius: The dual function Full Radius blade resects both soft tissue and bone.

FastCut: The FastCut blade is an all-purpose aggressive blade ideal for extensive tissue removal, providing greater control, precision and reduced fatigue.

CleanCut™: The CleanCut blade is a hybrid offering teeth for aggressive resection with a smooth window for a clean cut.

Round Bur: The Round Bur is ideal for aggressive bony site preparation, cartilage and osteochondral debridement, osteophyte resection and to roughen schlerotic lesions. Burs run up to 12000 rpm using the newest systems. Large cutting flutes provide aggressive yet smooth and controllable resection.

Oval Bur: The ultra-aggressive Oval Bur is designed for extensive bone and cartilage removal in the subacromial space, acromioplasty and notchplasty. Large cutting flutes provide efficient resection.